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The G2 can be adjusted individually to everyone. comfortable or sporty. Walking has never been easier!

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Prosthesis & Function

Unitos is a comprehensive System, in which knee and ankle joint interact permanently.

This innovative design enables the amputee to perform a Dorsalextension during the swing phase (foot lift) and secures an optimal energy deflection during stance phase. In addition, the integrated stumble-control increases security.

Hydraulic dampers enable smooth transfers in the knee as in the ankle joint, thus enable adjustments for the Dorsalextension.

Unitos G2

Our patented prothesis system is based on an innovative design! Dynamic and Security meets in a new dimension walking has never been easier!

Unitos Smart Ansicht


Sit down by support of Flexion resistance
Lift of the foot tip (Dorsalextension)
Stand-up assistance
Alternating walk-down of stairs
Adjustable to the process of therapy

The Unitos g2 live

Why Standpunkt G2

Unitos G2
  1. Adjustable stumble-control
  2. Adjustment of axle geometry
  3. Locking bolt
  4. Flexion resistance
  5. Control unit for foot/ankle joint
Unitos` areas of excellence
  • The possibility to lift the toe tip lowers the risk of tripping.
  • The stumble-control is permanently active and prevents unintended flexions, hence lowers the danger of falling
  • The innovative System adapts in real time to the walking speed of its user. The switch from slow to fast walks (or vice versa) is easily possible.
What are the advantages?
  • As the knee and ankle joint interact with each other, compensation movements (e.g. lifting of the hips) are no longer necessary and the effort required during walking is very low. Thus, a natural walk is possible.
  • The hydraulic stance phase flexion resistance facilitates an alternating walk-down of stairs and sit down comfortable.
  • The adjustable flexion stop secures that the Unitos can be reconfigured to the mobility of its user at every time.
  • Low weight as no electronic is included
  • The G2 is waterproof and can be deployed in wet areas easily
Does the Unitos require power?

Unitos is a mechanical system and does not require any power, hence no charging

Is the G2 suitable for everyone?

The G2 can be adapted individually to every amputee. Normal runners (with a high affinity for security) as well as dynamic runners profit from the benefits of Unitos. Furthermore, Unitos can be adjusted to the individual therapeutic process and the mobility level of its user. Mobility at its best!

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Contact & Info

Experience Unitos live at ISPO World Congress in Kobe/Japan from 05 to 08 October 2019!

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